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Do not install deck boards end-to-end on the main area of your deck.

• When installing a deck that requires lengths greater than a single board (i.e., over 20’), use our Feature Strip as a divider rather than butting boards end-to-end.

The amount of open air space under the deck will determine which boards need to be used. Open air space is defined as: the distance from the grade to the TOP of the joists.

• 24” or more of open air space: Either Tongue & Groove or Traditional boards can be used.

• Less than 24” of open air space: Only Traditional boards can be used with at least 3/16” space between boards. DO NOT use Tongue & Groove boards.

When using the Tongue & Groove boards, leave at least two sides of the under-deck space open for cross ventilation. Two sides of the deck must be open or lattice only.

• Solid cladding or skirting can be used with decks built with Traditional boards that have at least 3/16” space between them.

All face fasteners must be located a minimum of .” from the end of the boards.

Failure to follow these instructions may void the GeoDeck Classic warranty.

CAD details

Click here to download high-quality Green Bay Decking design files for your next project.